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The Best Way to Send Money to the Philippines from the U.S.

Whether you live in the big city or the middle of the country, ML Remit offers the best way to send money to the Philippines. A convenient and easy online remittance service, ML Remit gives you the chance to connect with family, offer a helping hand, or fulfill a loved one’s dreams from wherever you happen to be in the United States.

Available in all 50 states, the ML Remit app makes it possible for you to transfer money fast, giving you the opportunity to send funds from the U.S. from the comfort and convenience of home. Fast, reliable, and secure, this easy-to-use money transfer option is by far the safest way to send money to the Philippines. Once you download the app, you’re on your way to making someone’s day, month, or year—and to sending money internationally through the easiest and most secure method possible.

The latest offering by M. Lhuillier, the leader in Filipino remittance, this amazingly fast and convenient wire transfer service makes it easy and stress-free to send money overseas. Once your money is sent, your loved ones will be able to pick up their funds at any one of thousands of Kwarta Padala locations, demonstrating the efficiency and reliability Filipinos have come to expect from the M. Lhuillier brand.

Safe, secure online remittance

Sending money to the Philippines has never been easier. With the ease and convenience of ML Remit money transfers, you’re taking advantage of the best way to send money to the Philippines ever created: a powerful, fast, and secure online remittance option that makes sending your money overseas easier than you ever thought possible.

Available through M. Lhuillier, the trusted name in money remittance, ML Remit gives you the opportunity to send money to relatives, family, and others from anywhere in the United States, and at any time. If you need to send money internationally but don’t live near one of M. Lhuillier’s 18 store locations, this convenient and easy-to-download app makes it possible for you to get your money to where it needs to go without hassle or delay.

Send money to the Philippines today

Whether you’re looking to make Christmas, Mother’s Day, or a loved one’s birthday celebration extra special this year, or are planning your next trip to the Philippines, consider the convenience of the ML Remit app, without a doubt the best way to send money to the Philippines.

This fast, safe, and convenient method for sending money from the U.S. to the Philippines gives you the confidence and peace of mind you’ve come to expect from M. Lhuillier. When you choose to send funds internationally, no other name offers better reliability, speed, or convenience.

Online payments can be made via checking account, debit card, or credit card. For those in California, there is also the one-of-a-kind Pay-by-Cash option, now available at participating 7-Eleven locations throughout the state.

A variety of great remittance services

Now you know ML Remit is the safest way to send money to the Philippines—but did you know about ML Wallet, the smart and convenient way to send money and manage payments online? Whether you need to send money to your family, pay bills, or view your balance, ML Wallet offers the ideal solution for managing how and when your money is remitted online.

M. Lhuillier will also soon be offering the convenience of Bills Payment, a fast and easy way to pay tuition fees, mortgage payments, bus and boat tickets, and more from anywhere in the United States.

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